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Mission Statement "After spending years soul-searching, I realized my perception was created by my society and is now being judged by them. Discovering that I have never achieved happiness, I walked away from this contradictory world, a little scared, but quite excited. Since I left the world of slavery by stopping to socialize, I have seen myself feeling happy, free, and unstoppable. On my incredible journey, I have found my spiritual gift as Grayhole. After experiencing it,    I want to make hundreds of others to realize how to achieve happiness by stopping your own created Grayhole ! ”   Made in the USA Gear Support this mission of mine "Grayhole" by purchasing custom made T-shirts and apparel made in the USA ! All mens and womens products offered above are proudly manufactured and printed within the United States. Companies like Bella + Canvas offer high quality shirts that won't break the bank, and all of their products are American-made. Grayhole even operates all of its facilities... More